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Kamsaagre : " Children's Hope"

Kamsaagre Association
S/C Enola

6 avenue F. Roosevelt
75008 PARIS
Tel : 01 70 08 78 40

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Micro credit definition : 

It's a loan to the creation and development of the very small enterprises for a public who is unelegible for the banking system in absence of real guarantee or personal enough. It's comes with strong accompanying of his creators and is part of sustainable economic and financial. The micro credit has mainly developed in Third World Countries.

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Earthworks building is like Kamsaagre, a french 1901 law association whose objectives is to relearn to natives to build their home using local techniques and materials, while inserting "modern comfort".

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Web site of the orphanage

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 Burkina-Faso association of mayors and municipalities.

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 Economic, financial and politic data on Burkina-Faso.

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 The site is developed under Guppy Software. Guppy, free software allows to build quiclkly a site without prior knowledge on html and php language. The Guppy team follows his product through a forum and they are so... patient tongue.

A big thank to the team, very active and competent.

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 The slide show on the home page come from this site wich offer an easy solution to be inplemented by a beginner from a powerpoint file. Thank you for this nice gift.

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An utility website on Mossi Language.

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