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Opening of 2016  Campain

Autumn of a new Beginning

This campaign, which opens in autumn 2016 sounds like a renewal: renewal in the staff of our association - welcome to Bertrand  - renewal at the head of the orphanage, with the arrival of Genevieve KANSOLE who we met in May this year. We wish to her the best and hope to contribute to help in this difficult task.


This renewal is also the opportunity to take a look back on the past and the evolution of Saint Thérèse de Lumbilla. The opportunity is given to us to honor the action of Pascaline OUEDRAOGO during her time at the directon of the orphanage. She works now in Argentina. Kamsaagré wishes her the best in her new functions.


In early May, we met in Paris Geneviève Kansolé If this visit was to regularize administrative details outstanding, it was an opportunity firstly to draw up an inventory and also to define the projects to which kamsaagré wanted to participate. The detailed account of the visit is available here.

Renew your donations.

In the past your donations, our donations have provided substancial assistance to the orphanage.  Firstly  dedicated to emergency - medical matter, milk for children - The donations have permitted to rebuilt an enclosing wall and deliver school classes for children.

It is in this way that we make a commitment resolutely, within the framework of this  new campaign 2016, with the financing of a shed, the extension and the equipment of the nursery.

The shed invoice is now on line. You can find and download it in "Download" section.

Let us raise one more time this challenge,  and let us give for the wellness of our children of Africa !

Jean-Marc LE PRADO

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